Life goes on

It’s been a while, but not much has changed.

I had a wonderful three week holiday with a friend in Asia over the summer break. I’ve never been to Asia so it was great to see. We visited Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Myanmar, Singapore and Bali.

It was interesting to see people living in undeveloped countries. I was challenged by the way they live. To me the amount of work some of them need to do for little reward. Here were people spending all day trying to sell their food in the market or standing outside tourist attractions selling trinkets or cooking over a hot stove on the side of the street late into the night. From where I sit it all seems like a lot of work as if their life was work. Yet I complain and am unsatisfied with what I have in life. But really I’m incredibly blessed as I work a job that uses my mind and challenges me and has further opportunities available. I have leisure time and money to spend to make the most of it. For example by traveling overseas.

Otherwise things are pretty much the same. I keep getting more involved in church and might be made a deacon soon. I also got to preach again. My garden is growing and I spend some of my weekend with family and friends.

SSA is the same as well. I did have a ‘moment’ at church on Sunday when everyone was in families while they took communion and I felt like pretty much the only single person, which isn’t quite true. Then the moment was gone and I felt fine again..